Sensible looter and lunatic patriot

06 Feb

Somewhat a quarter year ago or more I read in paper that Narendra Modi had made business men like Ambani’s and Tatas assure a flood of money flow into Gujrath to boost its economy. The investment is around Rs 1 lakh crore. Now in newspaper I read that the DMK and family led by Karunanidhi has looted Rs 1.76 lakh crore in the 2G spectrum scandal.The person who led the loot, the former telecom minister A.Raja is arrested. This arrest is nothing but a gimmick. There will be plenty of behind the stage operations that will secure his safe release in times to come.

Both Modi and Karuna are excellent minds. Modi’s brain is lunatic and little extremist. Its in his rule Hindu and Islamist extremist elements fought pitched battles in streets that led to loss of many Gurathi life’s. That kind of thing is unimaginable in Tamilnadu. Here Hindus cannot live without Ramzaan briyani and Muslims cannot live without ladoos and crackers in Deepavali. Though being like Hitler, like Hitler who loved his Germany, Modi loves his Gujrath. He is prepared to go on a extra mile for his homeland. He is a lunatic and a patriot of his mother land.

Coming to the south, Karunanidhi and family. Karunanidhi is extremely sensible guy. The reforms he has put forward and his ideas and revolution he is making in basic education has made all heads turn towards Tamilnadu and people from other states are copying our reforms dit dot. Even the Chinese have descended to our state to value and learn from our education system. Karuna loves his mother language Tamil, but his true love for his people is a bit questionable. From his acts its quiet clear that he loves only his family and none other.

Back during the days when Indira Gandhi ruled the nation, Karuna was referred as a scientific looter. Karuna is sensible, he made alliance with congress to defeat M.G.R and thus turned Indira into his allie and thus effectively shutting her mouth.

Gujarat is overflowing with money, whereas Tamilnadu is in debt of Rs 1 lakh crore! Wonder where all this will take to?

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Posted by on February 6, 2011 in Politics, Tamil


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