Blogging for social cause

19 Feb

Yesterday while talking with my friend Senthil, he said that the people from IFFCO-TOKIO life insurance had called him after seeing my blog about them. I had previously written a  blog about ICICI and NIIT, they both have called the respective people and asked forgiveness and possibly carried along the same dirty path.

I had blogged about my college Panimalar Engineering, and its sister colleges including Satyabama University and its Jail like lifestyle and have received excellent response from students.

I therefore have decided to blog for social cause. Talk about social evil, bring awareness at the least as I have no position to hit them in any way. Though its a absolute waste of time, money and energy to pursue bad guys than to seek pleasure by doin nothing, I am up for it.

If you guys notice something wrong about the world and are absolutely certain about it then you can mail me about it. If I am in a mood to read my mail, reply to it, then in a mood to blog, I will blog. Else consider yourself unlucky.

Girls, yup! You sure do call!! Even if you have no problem thats OK. I can create a lot of problems to you and write a blog about it. I am always in mood when a girl calls you know, so a blog is guaranteed.

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Posted by on February 19, 2011 in Electronic Freedom


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