How college projects must be done?

20 Feb

So one is in the final year of his or her college and the college project must be done. A project work is one that proves that a student who is a academic can take up real world challenges. A student must be familiar in his studies, must find a novel way to apply his knowledge and come out with a practical idea. Thats a college project. Instead what I see is a mess.

Todays students understand well the value of money, and they know when money given to the right person can circumvent the path of truth and can get the job done. Students (Engineering particularly) come to companies, throw money and they want a ready made college project. Well later they show the degree to a girls family, her family throws money at them, tells them to marry their girl and fuck. Wow! What a wonderful life. If its a girl I think the degree is for dowry reduction 🙂 . A concession perhaps. The girl is well educated, can go for a well paid job and make the family more richer.

I really pity these worth less lives. If they die at-least they can become humus to plants and food for countless bacterias. College should be a place to learn. Learn first, let friends, joy and pleasure be secondary. I want no student to approach me and tell me to write a blog about filthy project centers that loot them. Students don’t behave like students and hence they are looted. Let the looting continue.

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Posted by on February 20, 2011 in Education


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