Why I believe in food culture?

15 Mar

Last Supper

Food, clothing and shelter are essential things to every human. Remove any one and the chance of decent survival fades away quickly in a society like ours. I wasn’t into food. I was all a man of science, ignored human feelings for a long time till I entered my college.

In college one is expected to gain class education. I studied in a technical college called Panimalar Engineering. It was indirectly controlled by a guy called Jeppiar who knows nothing about tech.

The coaching in the college was next to horrible. We had met only few staff who had any real knowledge. Others just were just a time pass. Neither the culture in the college was good enough. Students were treated like children rather than technicians and philosophers. There were too many restrictions that made technical development impossible. Yet the college thrived.

The reason behind it was food. Any one who walked into the college was provided with food. He need not pay for it. All students got limitless supply of lunch. When I was expecting a explosion of revolution, I could see with my own eyes that we students were pacified by the food they provided. When ever the college management asked us about the food, we gave them honest and candid replies. Though we hated them, we loved them when we ate that food. Though the food was quiet a junk sometimes and they do provide it from the high training fees they collected from us, it was OK!

Take the case of Jesus and his disciples. All 13 of them were of different professions, different social background, and quarreled among them-self. But during their suppers, they were united. They made sure Christianity existed after the death of Jesus. It was the supper that made the difference I believe, not the divine nature of Jesus.

Think of marriages. How many would attend a marriage or party if there is no food or drink in it? If you get married make sure that there is no food in it. Then the people who only truly love you will attend!

Food is very integral part. Without good food there is no good thought. A hungry is the worst possible citizen a state can have. There is a magic in food. Thats why I have made it an integral part of my coding culture.

I venture out with my developers and eat dishes which we like. Like the disciples of Jesus, the developers are devoted to me. And like a shepard to a flock of sheep I am committed to protect them as I know their problems they face in every day life.

My request to all bosses out there is, have lunch with all levels of workers in your company. Hear their voices, their difficulties. If possible provide food for your whole workforce. People may watch you die, but they will remember you till their death.

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