Imposing family bonding

21 Mar

“Would you like to drive next week? I would like to visit your uncles home then.” asked my mom, I rejected and told her to take our driver. Well this request has two meanings. One, she wants to see her cousin living long long away (thankfully), and another, she wants me to get bonded with my family.

This happens in all Indian families. Humans are given tasks that increases their family bonding. If that task is no done, they are frowned and made to feel guilty. For example if you fail to turn up for your girlfriends family function, you will be reminded by some one that you are missing something in your life. And I say life is far better having nothing rather than having something stupid.

I wonder why don’t these families understand that humans like me, like to spend time with like minded people rather than like blooded ones. I have seen many people getting ruined because of their families. Thousands of government employees seek bribes due to their wife and family compulsion of wanting to have a hi-fi life and family bonding gestures. Some of my friends have missed out in life because they need to get their sisters married in a big way and blah blah.

These people have totally misunderstood love. They think if you love some one, you must do something for them and expect certain things in return. I think love is totally different. I think its all about letting one free and seeing one smile. Rather than expecting one to do something, why cant we accept what ever our loved ones do to us?

With a blind hope that people will change, I am finishing this post.

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