India’s flawed internet policy and the Indian IT act

27 Mar

No Liberty

The Internet is a great medium to exchange messages. Restrictive regimes around the world that stretches from Turkey, Middle-Eat, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar have always tried to limit its access its citizens capability to fully exploit the internet.

Recently I studied in an Internet article that India wants to block that contains the extension .xxx . Its said that the .xxx is exclusively for pornography websites. After reading the article I was wondering why India wants ban on all sites having .xxx domains? It made no sense. Porn is available all over India from the dawn of internet here. In-fact we are the fastest reproducing bunch of humans that evolution has ever produced.

The cause of this stupid Indian behavior is to win the Muslim vote bank. You see Muslims in India seem to have no independent opinion. they seem to lack the ability to think individually and come to conclusion. Like a heard of goats they go to the mosque where the mullah speaks about his interpretation of the world and that’s it. Almost no questions are raised to the mullah and his words are considered divine. If the mullah says ‘vote for Congress’, they almost all of them vote for Congress and if he says ‘vote for BJP’, then almost all vote for BJP.

Now you see the mullahs want to project an image that they are clean people, just like Swami Nityananda did, and hence they appose pornography which they see as a way that corrupts the mind. And hence the mullahs will preach against the party that supports for Internet freedom that allows people to access what ever they want.

The RSS (the Hindu terrorist group operating in India) is no different. They too oppose porn and free Internet. But it must be noted that all who preach against these porn thing seem to claim that they have son’s and daughters. I wonder how? India is surely mysterious indeed!

Flawed Indian Politicians

Well, to  keep it simple, name any one politician who is absolutely honest. Even if the politician was never a wrong-do-er, he must have surely watched others around him loot and must have kept quiet. No politician is good enough.

Now those who are flawed will surely be afraid of the Internet. With Internet you can share facts, gossips and your thoughts about these flawed people within hours and your message can reach around the world quiet instantly.

Politicians are afraid of seeing their flaws being published openly on the Internet. They wanted control of this free and democratic medium. They are quick to use the name anti-national elements and say that the message of anti-national elements should be kept out of computers on Indian citizens.

OK, very well. If this nation’s politicians truly considered about the welfare of its citizens, then why on Earth its citizens would be bothered about that these so called anti-national elements say? If a citizen is proud enough of his nation and if some one says something against it, then (s)he would start a debate to see what is right and what is wrong. Isn’t hat healthy?

The need for the Indian I.T act is stupid indeed. It almost proves politicians guilt and their desire to keep us in the dark, away from the free medium called Internet. It also proves their desire to tap into religious vote bank and bend to blind faith preachers. Please my fellow citizens, cry out for Indian digital freedom.


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