Identifying women entrepreneurs

03 Apr

We think we have the power to shape our life and almost every success is due to our sweat and every failure is due to others mistake. But who we are and what we do at a particular moment may not be our own choice but could have been influenced by events in the past. Some of it beyond our control. Psychologist can use these things, or traces of our behaviour and come to startling predictions about us. Its only 20% of our communication that are verbal (that’s what the experts say now). The rest wealth of information is visible, but most probably not picked up by a common man.

There is some thing I have picked up trying to identify entrepreneurs (girls especially). This article is not a scientific one but any hypothesis and all of it could be wrong. So treat it with caution.

1. The girl is the first child
The first thing you have too look in a women who wants to be a entrepreneur is that weather she is the first child in the family. Historically the first kid is always known to be dominant, adventurous and has good probability to become an eccentric. So the first thing I picked up the women entrepreneurs I met is that they are first child in their family.

2. They like Illayaraja music
I have to say that sample I picked up is very limited. They consist of people living in my state Tamilnadu in India. The girl who is a potential entrepreneur likes Illayaraja music. This sounds strange, but its true! In all cases I have seen, this was the case. Some of them are damm crazy about Illayaraja.

3. Have quarrels with family
I think its possibly because of the social structure in Tamilnadu, where girls are not given full freedom or listened to, these girls with entrepreneurial hearts have good quarrels with their families.

Well that’s the traits I have identified in entrepreneurial women in Tamilnadu. Bye.

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