Strange math improbability!

08 Apr

This is really strange. I feel like I am in a dream. I must read probability theory. Till now in my life, I have proposed to 5 girls. And 4 out of them seems to be in love, have a boy friend, fiancée and blah blah. One of them was forcefully married to another guy to maintain their family honour.

They say try, try, try till you succeed. I am trying, trying, trying.  And all the time when I hear the same blah blah, it looks strange. Really strange. It looks as though I am watchin the same mega serial again and again. I feel like I have time traveled back. Though its hard to bear, its funny too. Girls seem to have standardize response for every thing. They now look to me like tape recorders.

I am least bothered if those girls told me truth or lie. I love them and I believe them. But had they uttered truth, then I feel blessed to be one of those guys who is suffering strange improbability getting acted. What next…. Life is pretty interesting (when you see it via scientific window).

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