Does our democracy needs to be changed?

11 Apr

“Its holiday on Wednesday” said I to my programmers, and they surprisingly were not interested. ‘Boss I don’t vote’, ‘I have a vote, but who votes?’ were their replies. “That doesn’t matter, but its a government holiday” I said and my employees rejected. Since my workplace is built upon democratic principles, the majority wins and I have to accept it.

I am wondering, why on Earth the Indian government wants to force businesses to declare holiday when the educated does not want to vote. Its only the desperate poor like to vote because they expect miracle and are deceived by politicians false promises.

The right to choose to vote for none (called as 49-O) was implemented way back in 1960. Yet the government has kept us in the dark and failed to implement it till today. Its been 51 years we were cheated by the very own rulers who promised us freedom. They had systematically denied the freedom of education. All we were thought at school was, its your democratic duty to vote and we must vote for some one no matter if he is murderer, looter, fraud, pimp or blah blah. Isn’t this cheating? Our own nation has cheated us for 51 years.

Even today 49-O is not a secret ballot. If you want to use it, you must sign your name. It makes clearly visible who does not trust our democracy. What will the government do with those list? Persecute them?

It as clear like day light. People who know what’s going on, don’t want this form of democracy where you switch on a light bulb and must watch it glow for 5 ears before thinking of changing it. If I own the light bulb, I have the right to switch it on / off, break it, replace it or do anything with it.

The government and the political class must hand over more power to the people that hide behind the votes of ignorant poor.

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