Why can’t I have transferable vote?

20 Apr

Lets say that I have voted for a politician, he comes to power and one day I don’t like him for some reason. Then why can’t I transfer my vote to another politician or 49-O.

Its a well accepted hypothesis that almost all in politics are there for their personal gains. We the citizens of India have a choice to pick up one from a bunch of gangsters, looters, decoits, assassins, frauds blah blah. When we choose one, the concerned person shows his true colors in a short term and if I wish to change, I can’t. I think that’s brutal.

Lets say that there are n number of candidates, I have to test them one by one. So one gets elected, and even if I know he is a criminal, I have to wait till 5 years to replace him. That’s absurd. So I keep changing and changing, before I could test the 15th candidate (that’s 75 years of my life) most probably I will die without seeing good rule in my territory.

The fact that politicians have hidden 49-O from us since 1960 and only now its visible, that too due to social activist campaigns is proof enough that they (our political class) were afraid of competition and who truly like democracy to be staged in this nation don’t rule us. Its up to us, we as citizens must take on to the streets, spread the word across the internet, make everyone aware about 49-O and must strive to achieve transferable vote so that our children and our childeren’s children won’t be disappointed with their life.

People don’t be afraid, ask your heart which is right and which is wrong and act accordingly.

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Posted by on April 20, 2011 in Politics


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