The British must civilize

23 Apr

Queen Eli of Briton

Tuned into some British channels today morning and it was all about the royal wedding and the queen Eli’s birthday and blah blah. We the Indians were once under British, and today we have a political system better than them. Our supreme leader is not a leader because he is from a royal family or some stupid lucky stuff, but because he or she deserves it (well a kind of).

Its quiet amazing how a civilization that controlled almost half of this planet cannot reform itself. Its unable to choose leaders on merit rather it chooses leaders who have particular blue blood and is quiet prepared to be ruled by a single family. Apart from its inability to make political reform, it cannot make any economic reform as well. Its unable to switch from Pound to Euro. Good heavens!

Its quiet amazing to meet such a bunch of stupid people. Yes they were once great, but their stupidity has made them great no more. If the British public remains so sentimental, then probably they will never rise. No way Briton can go back to his former glory, but the way Brits are, I am quiet sure they cannot hold them self from further sinking.

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