The art of photography

05 May


Was on facebook today for a long time when I stumbled on some guy who called himself a photographer. He was quiet proud to put his pictures, which he shot from a camera that he surely regards (the cam) as a  status symbol. Frankly it sucked.

I don’t know what happened to many of my friends. They are buying cameras, shooting this and that and are calling it art. Just like many wife’s in many homes call what they do in kitchen as cooking. It sucks, sucks and sucks. The comedy is, some have made it into their business too! When I check out their pictures it sucks too.

There are other kind of people, who buy some camera and take shots of almost everything, thankfully not their toilet life, they carefully store it all and say it will serve as memory. The truth is, if you go thru all those graphs, you must spend eons, as there are tons and tons of it. Then in future what you will end up is taking photographs of you watching you photographs.

I don’t really understand what the heck has happened to all those people who click. They take clicking as hobby, not because they love it, but because is the easiest thing to do. Why the heck they can’t keep those habits to themself, why the bloody hell put it on twitter and facebuk?

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