Whats there in Murugan idli kadai?

10 May


When ever I go near Besant nagar, one of my friends invites me to this murugan idli kadai. The person always says that idlis and dosas tastes really good there. I have visited Murugan idli’s at many places, many times and have found nothing special in it. Another friend of mine says they keep variety of chutneys, but today every veggie hotel I know do offer variety of chutney and many hotels tastes better than Murugan.

I wonder whats the hype with Murugan idli kadai? I also wonder how they have built a brand with so ordinary product that dosen’t taste better but tastes little worst than any other ordinary udipi hotel. How on earth this this stupid hotel managed to get a brand name?

Another thing I heard about this shop is that about their Jigiridhanda, a drink that originated from Madurai. This Murugan idli’s Jigiridanda sucks. Literally sucks. Says one of my friend from Madurai who has visited this shop.

I wonder how they got so much coverage in news and media. I suppose some money and foul play has been used.

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