Diaspora can beat Facebbok, all it needs is users

28 May

Facebook is the leader in social networking now. Its estimated that 500 million unique humans use it. The world’s population is 7+ billion, in other words one out of 14 has a facebook account. Thats a significant number. But there is a catch.

Facebook is not a free software. That is it does not let its users know how it works. Neither its users know what facebook does with the data they submit to it. Facebook reserves some right over what it does to you. You have no control of the service it offers to you.

Activist of data neutrality and user freedom have longed for free software alternative and now we have one. Diaspora hosted in domain offers users all the freedom free software offers. The best features it offers are as follows.

1. You can upload your status and pictures.
2. You can delete any of your data and unlike facebook it will be permanently deleted.
3. You can download your data and pictures.
4. If you delete your account, it will be permanently deleted.
5. You have quite fine grained control on who can see what you post.

Apart from the user features mentioned above, Diaspora has very easy to use user interface and slick design compared to facebook. I have always felt that messages posted in diaspora is far better to read than facebook.

Diaspora is a free software ( ), which means you know how exactly it works and what happens behind. There is no cheating, hide and seek, hidden board meetings. Its entire code is available to the public. You can obtain entire diaspora code from . If you are good at programming you can even contribute back to the project.

Not many users

There is however one thing Diaspora suffers. Unlike facebook, there are not enough number of users and those who are using it are not frequenting it because no one uses this excellent software.

My humble request to all those who like free living and value user freedom is to start using diaspora. I had 5 invites in Diaspora and I had invited 4 of my friends and only one out of it joined, and he won’t use this excellent software.

I am quiet disappointed how humans treat good things. Humans react like goats, they go where all others go. I can’t understand these humans. Somewhere down in history, I am going to win Noble prize for proving humans evolved from goats.


Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Free Software, Web Tech


4 responses to “Diaspora can beat Facebbok, all it needs is users

  1. notmecharles

    May 31, 2011 at 5:44 AM

    but still not simple enough to install or join.

  2. geoff matheson

    June 25, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    A network is only as effective as the number of connections between users. Diaspora might grow in features to be a rich user experience but right now the UX is a poor copy of Facebook. I know that Diaspora offers much more in terms of privacy and safe content but those aren’t things we can see. Diaspora had a once in a lifetime launch opportunity, and they wasted it the moment they released a site with a good backend, but no consideration of user experience.

    I was excited when I first logged on, but the moment i realized that the only way to use it was to invite ALL of my friends I logged off and haven’t returned. Why would I ask them all to move to a new network when I can already interact with them on Facebook? and if the answer is a long diatribe about privacy I really don’t care. My Facebook account is completely open.

  3. Tats

    October 6, 2011 at 11:01 AM

    I have taken on me to re-build my circle of friends on Diaspora*. Since the software is in Alpha version, I started with the people I know would care most: my radical, queer, activist and/or politically conscious friends. I wrote a special post to convince them:

    I had to put it some effort. I sent about one direct, polite invitation per day for two weeks. I have now about 25 friends who have joined. While this is very far from my 300 Facebook friends, this small circle of friends are people I really care about. We are engaging in real conversations and I find out that, clearly, I don’t miss getting the status update of my old school friends from high school talking about their kids or sending pictures of the last recipe they prepared.

    Furthermore, I reconnected with friends of mine who were never on Facebook for privacy/politics reasons.

    When Diaspora* will improve, I will ask more friends of mine to join.

  4. Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis

    October 23, 2012 at 5:02 AM

    FaceBook (and Google+ for that matter) have many MANY more features than just Social Media, the thing that even here I logged in with my FB account shows that exactly..
    Even more FB and G+ let you develop your own apps (and games of course which usually are quite ADDICTIVE and attract even more users) and distribute them through them (they start behaving like platforms) and since they are both doing it for some time it is almost a necessary feature for social media now. Add to this that in that way FB and G are getting themselves expanded with every new app without any cost (just like iOS or Android)..
    So to get D* equally compared to FB is hard, because it would be hard to attract the user base that would allow it to get that expanse, even if it adapts features like these tomorrow


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