Sanskrit and software

01 Jun

There is a important lesson that Sanskrit tells to the software developers. Sanskrit practically is no more, in the same way many propitiatory software will cease to exist. Sanskrit was one of the first Aryan languages. It was invented by tribes from Germany that settled in India. It was first used as a general purpose language and then took a ugly turn.

Apartheid developed is ancient. India Sanskrit was rest riced for the use by upper class namely the Brahmin’s, the class of priests and Kashtrayas, the warrior and rulers class. Its texts were hidden, kept away from others. Due to this,local languages flourished and the class that knew Sanskrit could speak only to a select lunch of people. In other words to make a living in broader society,even the Sanskrit speakers was forced to drop their language to interact with general public.

This propitiatory nature made Sanskrit fade, and after thousands of years its only used by priests in temple. The locals now demand ‘why use an understandable language to talk to god, when they have a local one, thats free and without a restriction?’ Its only a matter of time this language of apartheid gets vanished as its already impractical now.

Software designers must learn a lesson from Sanskrit. If there is a restrictive thing, in can be useful only is tightly controlled and forcefully- society but not is a democratic one filled with freedom loves.

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