Use Ajax when needed

04 Jun

I was designing my company’s website . The site was perfect and we launched, made few tinkering here and there. I was showing it off to friends and clients, trying to get a feedback. Some said it was good. Others said few changes here and there. And the rest prepared a Ph.d thesis explaining why my site was a blunder.

I was happy with what I had. the website had no Ajax but was good and it satisfied me. Then my brains worked what if I add Ajax and improved how my website worked. So I started to add ajax and found that the files I had almost doubled. This is when I began to think.

My web page is optimized for fast loading and can handle very high amount of traffic. Is it really need to add ajax to squeeze the last bit of bandwidth? No. No when it sucks up developers time. Plus when I add ajax I end up with lot of stuff that needs to be maintained. If I am going to change my website, or upgrade it tomorrow, I have to make sure all these parts work OK. That will be a headache. Many reviews point that my website is good and sweet. Why should I mess up stuff

Ajax is good. It does help user experience and improves speed of website. but one had to use it only when necessary. You need a knife to butcher a sheep, not AK-47 assault rifle.

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One response to “Use Ajax when needed

  1. michaeleriksson

    June 4, 2011 at 10:18 AM

    I would say “Use Ajax when needed—and only when needed!”: Apart from the complications in development, it is not a given that any individual site becomes faster (due to the overhead). Furthermore, many of us visitors surf with Javascript off per default—why take the security risks and why tolerate the many annoying misbehaviours that Javascript allows?


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