Why is Congress afraid of Baba Ramdev? Does Sonia have a Swiss Account?

05 Jun

Ramdev’s yoga techniques are unscientific and his followers are fools. Having said that what he has embarked now should be supported by everyone who feels they have Indian blood in them.

Ramdev’s demands are simple and they are as shown:

1. There is about US $1.5 trillion hidden in Swiss banks illegally and we must recover it some how.
2. The government should not keep saying that its working on Lokpal bill (that can reduce corruption by government officials) but must make it into law undiluted.

Just imagine what good things will happen if these two things come into effect. $1.5 trillion is lot lot of money. If we are able to get it, all education and health in this nation could be offered for free. There would be no huts, no starvation. Dams, power stations, roads, railways, schools, colleges, hospitals could be built. We  can embark on a quest to create alternative energy to reduce dependence on terror sponsoring oil producing nations.

This $1.5 trillions belongs to us. Every normal Indian. Rich tycoons who don’t want to pay tax and politicians and government  servants who earned fat bribes deposited their money in Swiss banks knowing that Switzerland will be loyal to its customers and is wiling to see innocent and ignorant Indians suffer (though it clearly knows this money is illegal).

Rather than taking action on rogue enemy state of Switzerland, our government is quiet happy to enact a Tienanmen Square in Ramleela grounds in New Delhi? I ask a simple question: WHY?

I am getting a hunch that top congress leaders including the first congress family (the Sonia Gandhi family) has huge sums of money in Swiss banks. If India breaks into Swiss accounts, the ugly truth about politicians will come out. The nation will revolt against Sonia’s and they willing be put into jail or there will be a bloody civil war between the people and government backed forces. In short India will become like the middle east.

Congress will loose its value and possibly destroyed and never will rise again. If this not true why take action on peaceful agitation by Indians rather than taking action action corrupt ones and Switzerland thats encouraging corruption in our land? WHY?


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4 responses to “Why is Congress afraid of Baba Ramdev? Does Sonia have a Swiss Account?

  1. SteveRob

    June 5, 2011 at 6:14 AM

    I totally agree with your idea of Ramdev.

    But lets make something clear. Your attack on Switzerland, as a nation is, lets say, silly. Banking secrecy is in their Law. We cant do anything about it. The names of the account holders are already with the Govt (obtained through the German govt. Not all of them) But still the names are not in the public domain. One person who has all the names is Julian Assange. But he wont be releasing the names any sooner, since he doesn’t want to cause problem to the guy who gave the names to him (a UBS employee). The US govt after the wall street meltdown, dealt legally with UBS and managed to make some amendments in the Banking law which was ratified by the Swiss Govt. And got names of those who had the account there.

    We cant blame Switzerland for our problems. That would be rather ignorant.
    But we muse work legally to bring back the money. Nice insight about Sonia’s account. Lol. Funny, but could be true!

    And, BTW the govt did a splendid job today dispersing the followers of the thug. Ramdev was agreed to announce that agreements have been met by 12 noon. He failed to do so and then time was extended to 5 and still failed to disperse the crowd. only then the police moved in. I find nothing wrong in this. BUT PLEASE DONT COMPARE THIS TO TIENANMEN SQUARE INCIDENT. that would be an insult to the people who died there. This is nothing. on a scale of 1 to 10, ramlila would be 1.5!

  2. Amit

    June 11, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    What is meant by unscientific? is science able to tell all the mysteries of universe ? has science done enougn research in yoga? there r studies that reveal that meditation actually treats many problem , u mean to say that this is only material world without any deeper existence before it ? then you will not be able to explain many things , hypothesis given by scientists on everything are not an scientific explanation , why u don’t follow yoga and test it urself , before blaming others ?

    • karthikeyanblogs

      June 13, 2011 at 9:20 AM

      Hello Amit, here is my reply:

      Science means that a fact is verifiable via many ways and most possibly repeatable.

      Science has not yet told about all mysteries of universe, but it doesn’t mean that it will never be able to tell about tit. In fact day by day scientists are cracking out many more that were once a mystery.

      Yes meditation calms the mind, that can treat problems that are stress related, but not more than that.

      Yes this is a material world without deeper existence.

      If you say explanation offered by scientists are unscientific, then I challenge a group of yogis to send a man to moon without using mathematics and physics.

      I don’t follow yoga because I found it had hurt some of my friends which has resulted in surgeries too.

      Now I think I can blame others!

  3. Nalliah Thayabharan

    July 1, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    Edvige Antonia Albina Maino was born December 9th, 1946 to Stefano and Paola Maino in Lusiana, a little Italian village 30 km from Vicenza in the region of Veneto, Italy. Edvige Antonia Albina Maino spent her adolescence in Orbassano, a town near Turin, attending a Catholic school.
    In 1964, Edvige Antonia Albina Maino went to UK to study English at the Bell Educational Trust’s language school in the city of Cambridge. She met Rajiv Gandhi, who was enrolled in Trinity College at the University of Cambridge in 1965 at a Greek restaurant while working there, as a waitress to make ends meet. In all three years of Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure at Trinity College had not passed a single examination. Edvige Antonia Albina Maino and Rajiv Gandhi married in 1968.Rajiv Gandhi changed his so called Parsi religion to become a Catholic to marry Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. Rajiv became Roberto. His daughter’s name is Bianca and son’s name is Raul. Quite cleverly the same names are presented to the people of India as Priyanka and Rahul. What is amazing is the extent of Indians’ ignorance in such matters. The press conference that Rajiv Gandhi gave in London after taking over as prime minister of India was very informative. In this press conference, Rajiv Gandhi boasted that he was NOT a Hindu but a Parsi.

    Edvige Antonia Albina Maino was given the name ‘Sonia’ by her late mother-in-law, Indira Gandhi. But there is no notification in the gazette regarding this change in name. This change of name runs in Nehru family is to fool the Indian public for their votes. Indira Gandhi’s real name was Indira Priyadarshini. In 1935, Indira joined Shantiniketan,a school set up by Rabindranath Tagore. When Indira was found in the bed with her German teacher at Shantiniketan she was chased out of the Shantiniketan Rabindranath. Subsequently, she went to England and sat for the University of Oxford entrance examination, but she failed, and spent a few months at Badminton School in Bristol, before passing the exam in 1937 and enrolling at Somerville College, Oxford where she never finished her degree. Khushwant Singh, who has personally known Indira Gandhi, has said that she felt uncomfortable around educated people because she had no real education. During her stay in the UK, she frequently met Feroze Khan, whom she knew from Allahabad, and who was studying at the London School of Economics. Before Indira’s marriage, the then Governor of Maharashtra Dr Shriprakash had warned Nehru in a meeting and through a letter, that Indira was having an illicit relationship with Feroze Khan. Feroze Khan was quite sympathetic to Indira and Indira married Feroze Khan in a London mosque as per Islamic rites Feroz Khan after converting herself to Islam. Indira’s muslim name was Maimuna Begum and later both had changed their name to fool the public of India by an affidavit in a court to Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi.

    After Rajiv’s birth Indira and Feroze lived separately, but they were not divorced. Feroze used to interfere in Nehru’s political activities. Nehru got fed up and left instructions not to allow him into the Prime Minister’s residence Trimurthi Bhavan. The death of Feroze in 1960 before he could consolidate his own political forces came as a relief to Nehru and Indira. Feroze had even planned to remarry. The second son of Indira known as Sanjay Gandhi was not the son of Feroze Khan. Sanjay’s real father was Mohammad Yunus who served as India’s ambassador to Turkey, Indonesia, Iraq and Spain. Mohammad Yunus represented India at the Non-Aligned Summits at Lusaka, Algiers, Colombo, New Delhi, and Harare. Baby Sanjay had been circumcised following Islamic custom, although the reason stated was phimosis. Incidentally, Sanjay’s marriage with the Sikh girl Menaka took place quite surprisingly through a civil ceremony(on 23 September 1974)in Mohammad Yunus’ house in New Delhi. And the marriage with Menaka who was a model (she had modelled for Bombay Dyeing wearing just a towel) was not so ordinary either. Sanjay never attended college, but took up an apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce in Crewe, England. Sanjay Gandhi’s name was actually Sanjeev Gandhi. He was arrested for a car theft in England. Since his passport had been seized, the then Indian Ambassador to England Krishna Menon changed his name to ‘Sanjay’and procured a new passport for him. Mohammad Yunus who cried the most when Sanjay died in the plane accident.

    At the end of Rajiv Gandhi’s five years in office, the Bofors Scandal broke out. Ottavio Quattrocchi an Italian business man believed to be involved was a friend of Sonia Gandhi, having access to the Prime Minister’s official residence.

    In 1980 Sonia’s name appeared in the voter’s list for New Delhi prior to her becoming an Indian Citizen. At the time she was still holding Italian Citizenship. A violation of Form 4 of the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960, which states that “Only the names of those who are citizens of India should be entered on the electoral rolls.” When she did acquire Indian Citizenship, in April 1983, the same issue cropped up again, as her name appeared on the 1983 voter’s list when the deadline for registering had been in January 1983.

    Swiss magazine Schweitzer Illustrierte in 1991 claimed that Sonia was controlling accounts worth $2 billion US dollars in her son Raul’s name.

    Harvard scholar Yevgenia Albats cited KGB correspondence about payments to Rajiv Gandhi and his family, which had been arranged by Viktor Chebrikov, which shows that KGB chief Viktor Chebrikov sought in writing an “authorization to make payments in U.S. dollars to the family members of Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi” from the CPSU in December 1985.

    Payments were authorized by a resolution, CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20 December 1985; and endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rs dated 20 December 1985. These payments had been coming since 1971, as payments received by Sonia Gandhi’s family and “have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984.

    In 1992 the media confronted the Russian government with the Albats disclosure. The Russian government confirmed the veracity of the disclosure and defended it as necessary for “Soviet ideological interest.”

    In 2008 Sonia’s party appointed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh was the only international leader to initially refuse data provided by the German authorities during 2008 Liechtenstein tax affair.

    Indira didn’t have any knowledge about constitution and constitutional procedures.Indira furthered creation of democratic dictatorship, first kicked off by her father Nehru. Indira never trusted anyone but her family only and so made Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi heroes without any deed during her lifetime. Her leadership plunged India into depths of darkness. India needs enlightened leaders. But it has been getting stupid leaders because the population at large is not “enlightened.”

    For India to get decent leadership, Indians have to change. Indians have to demonstrate that they can take the long view, that they are not willing to vote criminals into office.

    Indians have granted “their obedience by their own consent” to dictators for a long while. The most recent in living memory is Indira Gandhi. Before that it was to their British overlords. Before that to the Islamic invaders.


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