Carbon Wedding

10 Jun

Carbon Footprint

OK, I am mentally preparing myself to attend my college friends wedding at a place called Ohn-goal in Andrapradesh. That guy had called me and invited me and I wasn’t able to refuse it since he is a perfect gentleman.

Then I cursed myself for accepting that invitation. I have to travel so long. Chat with lot of people and the worst is I forget what I chat and the carbon foot print.

100’s of people travel to the wedding, imagine the amount of fuel needed to do the task. Plus the food (you need energy to cook and transport the raw materials). I just can’t imagine how much energy we humans waste for a wedding or a similar social event. Why can’t we change it?

Why can’t people use web technology and the internet. The wedding can be caught on a camera and can be webcasted. The invitees are given unique passwords to log on to the web cast. Those who log on will get  free delivery of domino pizza of their choice and proportion. Isn’t that not a easy way to conduct a marriage rather than to amass people like politicians do?

I wonder why people don’t use technology and do cool stuff, but stick to their old ways?

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Posted by on June 10, 2011 in Personal, Technology, Web Tech


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