Memories are not perfect

13 Jun


We were returning in train from my friends wedding at Ohn-goal in Andhrapradesh. The journey was tiring, resource wasting and pointless. I asked my friends ‘whats the point of all this?’ and came the reply ‘for memories’.

I asked Saravanan weather the numerals on his watch was Arabic or Roman, and though having seen his watch many times every day, he had to look at it to say that its Roman. Liakat was better, he said it was roman and also said that it had three hands which was dead correct. But now Liakat if you are reading this blog, may I know what time it was when I asked?

The point here is I am not bashing pointless ceremonies that people call wedding. But want to say to folks that memories are not perfect. We think we remember some events 100%, but not is the fact. What was the colour of dress you were wearing during that event? What was the time? How was the weather at that time? what headlines did newspaper bear on that day? Try asking many questions like this to you and you will see that your memory is not perfect.

I hypothesize that brain tries to store events by using as little space (and  neurons) as possible. What ever that enters into our brains gets related to events recorded in past, thus some how linked, related and hence compressed and lossy information persists. If not, our brains would have run out of space while we are a kid and we must some how find ways to erase data to take in more.

I had once red in “how to develop superpower memory” , by Harry Loraine that ‘memory is the only true possession of man’ and believed it to be true. And  now I doubt it. It should be rephrased that ‘memory is a decaying lossy possession of man’.

What is left with us? Will argue one, the answer is nothing. It chilling, but fact. Are we here for a purpose? Well, no. It chilling and fact once again. We are mere function of time, other variables and possibly constant(s) of this universe. A mere blip that might never be remembered after the humanity is wiped out of this darkness that created us.

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