Posterous Vs WordPress

14 Jun

So I saw about Posterous, a blogging application sponsored by a company called Y combinator. This app shot into fame after high-fi bloggers began to host their blogs in it. In this blog I will think weather it can take on the mighty WordPress.

I have been using WordPress since 2009, and have ported all my blogs to it. Its a great software. Its a free software written with PHP, which is frankly king of web programming languages available. Posterous looses out to WordPress on these aspects. Its a good software but not a free one.

Recently I saw information that word press allows posting by email. Well, thats what Posterous boasted off. You can create a blog just by sending an email. All its attachments will be included in the blog, but now WordPress is closing very few advantages this Posterous has.

Day by day I am seeing new improvements and updates to WordPress platform and I see no advantage using Posterous. I frankly feel Posterous creators have not thought it well. WordPress is totally committed in making people heard, and I see no way now that this young blogging software can beat this mighty giant unless it has miracle by its side.

If there is a new aspiring blogger who wants to start his blog, I feel he must go along with WordPress rather than any other blogging system. Its a free software, secure, updates regularly and is perfect for blogging.


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