Mad Jayalalitha bullies teachers in Tamilnadu

20 Jun

The DMK has taken an excellent step in its last rule of introducing uniform education called as samachher kalvi which aims to introduce uniform education to all. Though DMK are looters, their leader’s Karunanidhi’s passion to develop Tamil and Education in the state is very real. None can doubt about that.

Then the regime changed. Yes the DMK men did humiliate Jayalalitha long long ago, they didn’t just humiliate her but the whole women hood when they pulled of her saree during Tamilian assembly session. No good lady will spare such people and Jaya is in vengeance and her venom won’t cease till she sees them dead.

Every time she comes to power she scraps all things that Karunanidhi did in his previous rule, be it good or bad, and brings her own schemes. She did have plans to scrap samacheer kalvi and she almost did it and the high court of Madras ordered her government to continue this uniform education for classes 1 to 6.

You see these books contains reference to classical Tamil conference held in Karuna’s rule and it  contains a song written by him for it and Jaya want’s Karuna to be erased from history. Due to her vengeance attitude she found herself in a deadlock. One  side the courts verdict is firm, you have to supply uniform syllabus to students. But it contains stains of Karunanidhi which Jaya wants to be erased before it takes too long or the kids would be delayed to school and her popularity will plummet.

Her advisors came up with a brilliant idea of pasting thin sheets of cardboard in place where Karuna has left his mark on the syllabus.. But this has to be done to lakhs of books and cost of it will be enormous. The answer, use teachers as free labor.

Teachers all over Tamilnadu weather they like or dislike are forced stick stickers and cardboards on various place in books. Forced to stick stickers even if magnets are printed black and red which resembles color of DMK flag.

I think this mad Jayalalitha forgot that people of Taminadu voted for her in a hope of giving them a good rule.

Madness, Madness, Madness.

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Posted by on June 20, 2011 in Education, Politics, Tamil


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