Western atomic blackmail

26 Jun

In 2008 the western countries gave India a clean chit saying that it will supply nuclear materials for peaceful purpose as it recognized India as a peaceful nation. Then the rule in USA changed and Obama came to power and India is seen as a rising power that can threaten USA economically. Hence USA must have arm twisted the NSG to put conditions on India to get nuclear fuel it desperately needs.

The communists have long warned us of seeking help from USA, a nation thats keen to call a nation its friends if and only if its necessary. The Manmohan Singh government ignored it and we are now facing a embarrassing situation. In this blog I will be writing what India should do.

Don’t fall at white man’s feet

The west has betrayed us. It has BETRAYED us. I wish the government stops talking to the NSG. No matter how much we have to suffer. I feel dignity of our nation is important than power cuts.We must remember that nuclear is not the only option to generate power.

Trust Coal

Its funny, we import coal from Australia when the North East of India holds so much of it. We must mine our coal resource 100%. Coal is cheap, easy to use to make electricity. Forget about he crap global warming, let the rich west take care of it. We must be building a new coal power plant every month. This wil reduce the gap between demand and supply of electricity.

Form partnership with energy rich nations

We can form partnership with Bangladesh that has lot of natural gal and make sure that Iran-Pak-India petroleum pipeline becomes reality. This will solve some our power deficit needs

Go Solar and renwewables

India gets lot of energy from sun and we have other renewable that can be tapped. They must all be tapped. This will ensure we use less green house fuels, and may give us good karma.

Tap the nuclear black market

I think this ban on nuclear fuel supply to India is a direct attack on our people by western powers. We Indians have harmed no nation. We contribute more troops to UN missions than any other country, yet we are victims of nuclear apartheid. The reason why India is considered untouchable is due to the following reasons

  1. If we improve, our Industries that are much efficient and economic to run will take over the western ones.
  2. Our labor is cheap and highly skilled. And the west fears it.
  3. There is new movement in India in which people want to participate in democracy directly. If it happens and if India is a world power, people in other countries will copy it. With no control over politics, big tycoons and companies will be forced to look at moral side than economic profit and they hate to do it.

Hence the west wants India to loose or be delayed in its quest for supremacy. We must bot hesitate to tap the nuclear black market thus making the NSG worthless. I think there is no wrong in stealing food if one is hungry and no one wants to help him.

Once we use the fuel from the black market to reach the thorium cycle, we are untouchables, none can beat us in nuke tech. We have more thorium reserve than any other nation on Earth.

Improve basic science and research

Though we Indians call ourself as a super power we are truly dummies when it comes to basic science and research. Our education system from the Kindergarten to Post Doctoral is totally flawed and is just aimed at making money out of the ignorant masses. this must be changed.

We must improve our basic science research and must become technologically superior so that there will be no need to fall at the feet of west once again. I wish this happens, but most probably it wont as we are unimaginably corrupt.


Doing the things mentioned above, I think we can really become energy sufficient. But if you are a Indian think for yourself, have you ever refused to give a bribe? So this simply wont happen. Thanks for reading and increasing my blog hits 🙂

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Posted by on June 26, 2011 in Politics, Technology


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