Apple products sucked

30 Jun

I was under the impression that Apple is the greatest technology company. My views coincided with stats recently when Apple surpassed Microsoft and became the most valuable tech company on this planet. I patted myself and had a good night sleep.

I walked into apple store recently. I had walked into it before two years ago when one of my clients wanted to port his office to paperless one and Apple hardware and software looked stunning. Now when i tried it out it sucked. Here is why.

Apple may be good in designing good looking hardware, but their software sucks. Its because I use Linux and Mac’s use iOS. Linux is a free software with millions of people contributing to it every day, making it better and better. Whereas iOS is a propitiatory one and is almost controlled by one man. It had almost no visible improvements, systems were dead slow and I hated it.

In my home I use Ubuntu, on hardware thats much older ( 5 years older ) than the one I saw in Apple store, but my laptop works fast, fast like a rocket. The only system that worked faster than my laptop was the Apple G5, the worlds most powerful personal computer. I can’t believe how slow Apple is.

Next was the tablets. In theory it worked good, was able to navigate web pages. Thankfully all the web pages designed by my company worked good and I was happy. But when my client started to download Autocad files and tried to open it with Autocad viewer it did not open. When i downloaded PDF and tried to add it to iBookshelf or something (I don’ remember the name exactly)  , it did not work. Later that day we examined Samsung galaxy tab and it worked perfectly!

I experimented with Apple Keyboard, though it looked great, it was not so easy to type as my TVS keyboard I have at home. I frankly believe TVS makes the best keyboard ever. The one at my home is working for 10 years now. It does not look gorgeous like Apple, but one can type much faster in it.

The magic mouse and the touch pad for desktop was the same. My client tried out iPhone and complained it worked worst than his old Samsung smart phone 😦  bought years ago. In whole, my client frowned on me to have shown him Apple and we agreed to port from windows to Linux infrastructure. PHEW.

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Posted by on June 30, 2011 in Technology, Ubuntu


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