Collapse of British law

05 Jul

Its quite shocking to see Brits who are so passionate about their legal system doing such an harassment to Julain Assange,  the founder of wikileaks.

It was at the marriage of prince William and Kate, many guests were invited, but at the last minute invitation to Syrian diplomats were canceled on behalf of their poor handling of human rights in their country, but the funny thing is British them self have so low value for human rights.

The thing is simple. United States America want wikileaks to go down. Wikileaks is putting too many documents that will expose corruption and dirty minds of powerful and rich in their country. They wanted to banish wikileaks any how, even it happens to be the death of Julian.

Luckily here are many nations that love to  suck shit out of American ass just to make them feel good, and the leader among them is Britain.

The British people must think, they must put pressure on their government to cooperate with USA only on matters that are important but not ones that get their mouths dirty and soul corrupt.

As an Indian, I am not surprised. Its the same British empire that killed many of my fellow country men just because they wanted their independence is now trying to kill independence on the Internet. On that day it was for independence of world from Britain, now its independence of internet from politicians and big businesses. The struggle goes on.


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