IE8 and HTML5 problem

16 Jul


I have this thing. I want to use THE LATEST technology for my web design stuff and thats what we do. We don’t wait for people to catch up, worry about mass market, but we stay ahead. So we use HTML 5 instead of HTML 4.X which I consider as pretty outdated.

Long long ago in a galaxy called milkyway  I ported a company I owned to Ruby on Rails and we started designing pages with HTML 5. We simply don;t have the marketing power to get clients from abroad to this technology so we haven’t yet plunged into US or UK markets, so we are dealing with Indian clients.

As expected one of my client called me and told his web page looks shabby. I dropped in to his office and looked at the computer that runs shabby Windows operating system which I frankly think sucks when its compared with Linux. I opened the webpage and it was shabby.

It turns out that Internet Explorer 8 ( IE 8 ) simply won’t understand HTML 5 and hence cannot display it correctly. Neither would Indians are quiet willing to put on Windows 7 on their machine and run IE 9 and look at my websites.

What an irony. if google and firefox can write browsers that read modern websites and display them correctly on a Windows XP machine, why can’t Microsoft do that? Since they (Microsoft) gives away its browse for free, they want us to upgrade to new operating system they are offering which will ensure they will have profit. What sinister idea!

Now I have no other way than to redirect the page that shows that “WINDOWS OS AND IE SUCK, PLEASE USE GOOGLE CHROME / OPERA / FIREFOX TO VIEW THIS PAGE”. What stupid systems this Microsoft is encouraging me to build!


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