Die like Che

18 Jul
Che Guevara

Che Guevara

Its quiet depressing to hear from some people, people who say the following: ‘No matter what you do, things are not in your hands’. Yes perhaps. In this universe, as far as we know, chaos rules and things could go out of hand, that’s very possible, but what shouldn’t be possible is humans loosing hope.

A humans loosing hope is far worst than a hungry man or a person loosing their life. Hope is what keeps the world running. If we truly believe that today is the last day of our life, life wouldn’t be so cool. A human loosing hope, (no matter who he is,) is the breaking point of humanity.

Its better to die hopeful, rather than to live as a zombie feeling that you are being controlled by some known or unknown force that’s destroying your dream.

Its better to gain back hope, rather than live this single life having lost it. There is just one life! I wonder what are you going to do being hopeless? Yes the world may be against you, and possibly all our options would have been exhausted, but hope? One must never ever loose hope. Its priceless.

I hope many of you would have seen the image of Che Guevara. He was a Communist rebel who had the vision of defeating capitalism and to bring equality to all people on this planet. He was a doctor, but gave up his work and took up fighting for his cause. United States which has always advocated capitalism, felt he must be killed. They with their mighty wealth and army captured Che and was about to execute him. A photographer clicked the image of Che just before he was killed. Look at the image above, do you see hopelessness in eye?


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2 responses to “Die like Che

  1. johnnathanielfernando

    July 18, 2011 at 3:20 AM

    hmmm…so are you a communist? I also wish for equality in this world but as long we are human, there would never be such a thing as social equality no matter what system is used. we can only settle for the least of evils.

  2. SteveRob

    July 22, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    Che was a great Revolutionist. Although Im not a fan of Communism, the way in which he fought for freedom is amazing and inspiring. He was not a selfish guy who fought only in Cuba for his friends. He fought for the Entire Latin America and what more? He fought in Congo as well! He is a man of great determination and military know-how.

    And btw, that legendary photo was actually taken 7 years before his death. Still, that image has inspired many to revolt against all forms of restraints and dictatorship.

    We need to not take the pro-communist ideologies from him but we can take his “never say die” attitude.

    But it must be noted that he brought about reforms in Cuba that were envied by many countries. His ideas about communism was very different from that of the Soviet commies. Cuba is still reaping the benefits of his and Fidel’s works.

    Nice Article! Thanks


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