Computers are becoming man’s best friend

31 Jul

Just a few days ago, less than a week, I saw an article in ‘Times of India’ that computers have replaced dogs as man’s best friend. This article was quiet interesting for two reasons, first I am a dog hater, second I love computers.

About an year ago, I saw a TV program in which a Japanese guy marries a animated character that runs on his cell phone. It was so nice to him that he fell in love with it. I am quiet convinced that though we may be having humans as our friend, very soon computers will become our best friend replacing humans.

But this friend algorithm must run on free software. If its designed by some proprietary ones, one could plant bugs to track us for the purpose of marketing or more sinister ones, like to black mail us knowing our secrets.

The western civilization is totally afraid of robots taking over us, whereas in east like Korea and Japan people see robots as helpers, friends and pals. No wonder in west the religious groups still fail to accept Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

Computers replacing our friends is a logical progression, which shouldn’t bother us much if we are open-minded. Machines have replaced humans in manual labour, computers have replaced accountants in near past, they have replaced our playmates by offering video games that is the #1 entertainment for many around the globe, soon they will replace our friends.

I am sure though humanity won’t feel comfortable with it, once computers have started to become our friends, we will feel they are far better than the human counterparts and we will accept it out of convenience.


2 responses to “Computers are becoming man’s best friend

  1. SteveRob

    July 31, 2011 at 11:33 AM

    Well, nice article. I do agree that nowadays kids are more addicted to computer games than their friends. And Computers offer a much better passtime for them. But, for me, no one can replace the love and affection that human friends can give. Only that makes us humans ABOVE ALL!

    Robots can make our life convenient but they CANNOT REPLACE HUMANS. Atleast, thats what I think….

    Anyway, nice article brO!

  2. NEHA

    November 4, 2011 at 9:28 PM



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