180 is excellent

07 Aug

At fist view the film 180 looked like a love story, then on further looking it looked like a triangular love story. One can’t deny its not, but on watching further it just rocked.

The director has kept its suspense really well, he has put an pearl inside an oyster, placed it in shell and placed the shell deep under water. The film just relives its suspense at the right moments and shows why the lead actor Siddarth changes his name from Ajay to Mano and then lives under some other name in Brazil. Is he a terrorist? Or what else is his motive?

After seeing movies like ‘The Kings Speech’, ‘The Ghost Writer’, I have often wondered why not Tamil movie makers come up with such excellent piece which are very possible in Tamil. The creator of 180 must be really a superior mind, no doubt about it.

The film has no vulgarity, which is a rarity in Tamil movies now and the story does not seem to slow down too much. However I think some songs could have been avoided that would have saved time and cost. The last song Continua by Eliable D Freitas is excellent beyond any dream. His voice is excellent, the music is great and blends excellent with movie. However I don’t understand what he sings. If I watch the movie for many times, its for his voice.

Hats off to Siddarth for selecting such a movie! I hope to see more Tamil movies from him. Fed up with too many commercially successful nonsense films.

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Posted by on August 7, 2011 in Movie, Philosophy


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