Airtel refuses to attend 4 year complaint

08 Aug

Airtel boasts of its network. It spends crores of rupees in roping in A.R.Ragumaan to compose new music for it, opens digital store with Apple like launch events, in truth its dummy. Its like a cancerous patient with good looking skin.

Customer of a telephone network wants the following things

1. He should be able to make calls
2. Receive calls
3. Speak without interruption

My friend Vivek, owner of number 9894985570 resides in Thirutanni and is Airtel client. When ever some one calls him or he makes a call, the call just lasts 5 minutes and after that the call gets terminated automatically. Now technical glitches are OK, as long as the network fixes it. My friend Vivek has been complaining about this problem for 4  years and nothing has happened.

The staff there made him to to call one number to another, most of which are non toll free. Poor Vivek has spent more than Rs 2000/- in speaking with Airtel customer care.

Speaking to 121 (Airtel cutomer care), Airtel charges 50p for 3 minutes. If you make call from airtel to other numbers for 3 minutes it cost only Rs 1.80. Why this premium charge? That too to its own clients, calling its own customer care?

If Airtel can sponsor crores of rupees for ‘Airtel super singer’ singing competition on T.V, why can it spend some money on improving its infrastructure so that its clients can speak without interruption?

I urge all readers of this article to shift from Airtel to good networks like DOCOMO. As long as its good Airtel is OK, but when you complain about them, they will surely turn a deaf ear to you because they get more customers from A.R.Ragumaans music.

To know more about Airtel, and how they ignore you call my friend Vivek 9444808777 (this is non Airtel number so you can speak without interruption).


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2 responses to “Airtel refuses to attend 4 year complaint

  1. Yagnesh

    September 9, 2011 at 3:39 AM

    Any why didn’t your friend switch to another network?

  2. Karthikeyan A K

    January 20, 2013 at 11:31 PM

    I don’t know.Possibly no other network provider operates there. Should ask him.


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