Hollow Independence

15 Aug

Just climbed out of bed, the P.M is speaking on T.V right now, boasting about the Independence struggle and how his government has changed India for good. Yet we see ourself victims of corruption.

All of us who read this blog, in one way or the other, directly or indirectly have paid bribes to some one. This includes our Prime minister too. There seem to be no way out and like religion and God we Indians seemed to have accepted corruption as a part of our life until one day a great soul called Anna Hazare raised his voice.

Being a Gandhian and having nothing to loose, a mind of a youth, soul of a soldier, he has voiced his opinion that something can be done to combat corruption. The government should do more and the government’s version of Lokpal (it means some bloody thing. its in Hindi, who knew?) is flawed.

Anna and his team team have come out with their own version of Lokpal which is much stricter and far better. Its called Jan Lokpal bill (hey that Jan is not January, its once again means some stupid thing in Hindi). Many people around the nation support the Jan Lokpal. It has the power to weed out corruption. Yet the government is not willing to consider it a bit.

They (government) held talks with Anna to buy time, then they let him down and made him move to square one, gave illogical reasons not to consider his version of Lokpal. Now they are doing all they can to interrupt his hunger strike that will be held from tomorrow. They have imposed sanctions like the indefinite hunger strike must not be more than 3 days (hey idiot Sonia Gandhi lickers, 3 days is not indefinite, unless the Earth is going to end within that). The gathering must not be greater than 5000 people, and they seem to offer no reason why these restrictions are imposed.

Here is a Prime minister claiming to be a proud that his country is independent,  but a protest that comes tomorrow, a very peaceful one is not allowed without restriction even though our constitution gives full right to do a peaceful demonstration.

Some thing is happening. One must know why the government and politicians are failing to hear citizens wishes and voices. The government claims that they are elected by citizens and hence its only they who have the right to decide what is good for the nation rather than the citizens! This is utter rubbish!!

Its clear the corrupt won’t support a strict anti corruption law, but would rather put an bogus one as a illusion. To people who fall and bow to unseen power called God this would be OK, but for thinker like me?

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Posted by on August 15, 2011 in Politics


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