Time for Oracle to go down

27 Aug

Oracle is Evil

So, today I jut read a news in Diaspora that Oracle wants to bully Google. Sun Microsystems was a excellent company when it stated venturing into open source technology. When Microsoft created the .Net and filled it with copyrights and terms of conditions, Eric Schmidt, then the CEO of Sun made a decision to make a competitor and that was Java. The genius of James Gossling shined and we had a language that was less error prone compared to C++ and could work on various operating systems. It could also work on web browser as Java applets. My first web project used applets in it. It was a language that captivated my imagination and it was far far perfect.

Then Sun acquired MySQL, a successful database company that gave a dent to proprietary Oracle. MySQl was so good that almost all web and desktop applications that needed a database used it. Its used by big organizations like Facebook, Google, Yahoo. Name them (of course not Microsoft and Oracle, the people there are too dumb) they used MySQL. All was going well when the evil struck.

Sun microsystems was bought by Oracle. In other words Oracle just bought its dangerous competitor MySQL with it. many people moved out of Sun ( which became Oracle ) to find job in some other good company. To save MySQL from the clutches of Orcale, MySQL creator Monty launched the Save MyQL campaign. Apart from MySQL, Oracle did all it could to destroy the free software community, now its eying on destroying Java.

Google created a Operating system called Android (GNU/Linux) for mobile phones and tablets. Its now the most popular mobile operating system. One need to use Java to program this Android. With Android sales up and revenue flowing in, Oracle seems to want a bite of it. And a very large chunk it wants. It has launched a case against Google claiming that implementation of Java on Android violates copyright. Which is a bogus claim.

Java was not created to file cases on any one, or to bully the (free) software community. It was created to make programmers task easy, and to reduce software cost. What Oracle is doing is just the opposite.

The result is clear. Orcale is not a company that wants to help software developers and make the world a better place. All it wants to do i to is to make money from the ignorance of others by making its software closed to the outside world. I totally support Google on this case and wish Oracle would meet its demise soon.

An open letter to CTO’s

I advice all CTO’s around the world not to use Oracle and its products. I am glad that my company Mind As Lab moved away from it (Oracle). There is a excellent option called Postgre SQL which is better than Oracle and is a free software. To get a preview of Postgre SQl you can check its page on Wikipedia . We at Mind As Lab use Postgre now!

The base line is this. Oracle is evil. STAY AWAY from it. I also urge all free software campaigners to camp against Oracle just like the did it against Microsoft, and bring to light the fact that Microsoft is not about software but all about money.

Here is a good link to convert from Oracle to Postgre SQL.


3 responses to “Time for Oracle to go down

  1. Jayant Raj

    August 27, 2011 at 6:05 AM

    I strongly agree. Oracle is becoming Evil day by day. But if that goes on, it will certainly be in heavy loss someday. Just waiting for that day.

  2. karthikeyanblogs

    September 1, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    I am quiet surprised why SUN sold itself to Oracle.They must have chosen a company that values software freedom greatly.

  3. Yagnesh

    September 9, 2011 at 3:31 AM

    May I know why people at Microsoft and Oracle are dumb? Did you have any insider news about these companies that we aren’t aware of? If you are making such a tall claim about two of the major companies that are shaping the industry, you better have facts to back it up. I respect the open source community and many a times I have benefited from it and I too have contributed to it but that doesn’t mean products from Microsoft and Oracle are dumb.


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