Raliance Netconnect Broadband disconnects me without warning

04 Sep

Today I write this blog in deep vain. With a pain in my heart of trusting one of he most famous brands in India, the Reliance. They put polished ad’s on television, boasting speedy broadband and how you can escape from jungles and exploding cars using their product. The truth is they suck as I am experiencing it now.

Their MIMO technology is a spoof and most of the time all you get is speed of 11 Kbps and that’s it, have no dreams about it. They must have paid the ad agency lot of money so they have developed advertisement hailing reliance and without bothering truth about the Reliance product(s).

Today I tried to connect to my Internet and it did not work. Usually when I call during these times, a message will play that say the network in my locality is down and engineers are working upon it and will fix it within 2 hours. This time I heard no message. After long list of confusing menu selection I happened to land upon a human operator. Thank God for that! I told my problem, he checked up and what he told me baffled me.

The guy said the address proof I submitted was wrong and hence they had disconnected my connection. What? I must have either submitted my driving licence or passport and they bear the address I am now living in. Is the Indian government so stupid to give me a spoof address proof? Or am I so stupid enough to live in a home which marches to another place every 6 months?

I asked the guy how they came to a conclusion that my address proof was wrong? He had no answer for that. I asked him to give me the contacts of the people or agency that checked my address and he had no clue about it. I asked him when they checked my proof, and he was blank on that too. I did not know what to ask a call center that represents Reliance and is so dumb and knows nothing about Reliance operation(s).

I just asked him what else could be done? He told me to go to the nearest reliance web world and submit the proof again. The nearest reliance store is more than 10 Km where I live. I have to submit address proof just because some idiot in Reliance, as idiot as Ambani’s thought my house has moved away from where it stood 6 months ago? I was overflowing with anger.

I asked the call centre guy the number of his higher authority and he was not supposed to give that. I asked him the number of nearest reliance webworld and he does not know that too. If Just Dial or Google knows  Reliance webworld number, why does Reliance call centre know about it? It sounds so so insane!

I asked the guy why Reliance checked my proof without any call/ SMS/ email notification, and he said they would have called and I might have not picked it up. What? Just because I did not pick up mobile means that I am not moved to another place or I am a terrorist. When I asked him why did not they check my proof before giving connection, he could not answer that either.

Reliance was kind enough to send a sales guy to my door step to give me a connection and whisk my money off to their headquarters, but when they have trapped me in a network by making me sign a document that says in fine print that my deposit of Rs 2400/- won’t be returned no matter what, they are willing to send none to help me out now. Wow! Great customer service!!! Hats off Ambani!!!!

I called the sales guy who delivered me the data card Mr. Murthy (who is now my good friend), and he told me to ask the call center why didn’t reliance check my identity before 10 days after my activation and are doing it after more than 4 months? Well even if I ask, the reply would be the same ‘We might have misplaced our address, you must submit it again’.

Stupid Ambani! I know you wont read this, but if you do (by some problity of lightning striking you) please answer the following:

1. What wrong have I done?
2. Did I submit wrong  proofs?
3. Am I a terrorist? If yes how?
4. Is it my mistake that reliance misplaces my address proof?
5. How are you going to return me the time and possibly money I am loosing because of you?

Well, I know what you will answer : “I don’t know, sorry for the inconvenience”. Bloody suckers.

To know more about Reliance Braodband and their true colors, contact me: +919444018524

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One response to “Raliance Netconnect Broadband disconnects me without warning

  1. karthikeyanblogs

    September 4, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    Oops! My broadband works now, even without submitting a address proof. Possibly my friend Murthy must have done something!


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