Vote rigging in Sithalapakkam

27 Sep

Yesterday I woke up to many voices at my door step. Looked out of window there were many with while shirt an dhotis. Undoubtedly they were politicians of Sithalapakkam, this time it was the congress men. To every house including mine they delivered a sack full of rice that I estimate would have cost Rs 1000/- . Even though my family members said that we don’t vote they still gave it. A week before we had got a similar rice sack from the ruling DMK.

Today while I was driving, I saw huge crowds mobilized near a car which sported PMK flag, definitely something is going wrong at Sithalapakkam. Voters are rigged, rigged very much right in the midday sun and the election commission seems not to know about it a bit. Its quiet shocking to see it take place right at my door step and its shocking to see how these politicians bring you into their bribery chain.

Just imagine, if a politician can spent about Rs 1000/- and more on a house just to get voted, imagine how much he should have looted from us? Common sense, there is no need to invite Einstien or Newton to do this math. For a counselor election, if a single candidate can spend so much, imagine how much they will spend for becoming a M.L.A, M.P, Chiefminister and so on. Staggering!!! Imagine how our nation would have been if all that money went into right purpose than into these corrupt pockets.

Today, we the middle class are afraid of our economic future. An increase in petrol, diesel, cooking gas price make us to think and redraw our budget. A middle class family before, easily had nice sea food containing fish, prawns, crabs almost once a week. How many of you eat fish every week? How many of you eat mutton every alternate days? Why one is settling with chicken? Have you ever thought about that? Many families have to cut their vegetables too. Even their spiraling prices are not coming down. While many western countries have huge food preservation machinery, we have to depend on seasonal variation of prices that determines what we eat. While the plates of politicians are over nourished, we the commoners die of hunger. Name one politician who has died of hunger recently, bu you can find millions of commoners who have died hungry.

My mom has always told me how nice her schools were. She did not pay thousands to study, she studied in government school. Their standards excelled then, but today to get a moderate education, we need to put our young ones in a private school. Even they don’t teach well and get away by giving bribes to the education ministry.

Health technically should be free, easily accessible. how many really have free health in this nation. Even if you managed to get free health, are the hospitals are so good as those one in Cuba? A tiny island nation, which almost has no democracy is able to offer fee health to all and offers thousands of doctors to other nations without any demand or strings attached! Why can’t a nation that calls itself super power do it?

Today I type this blog in English, I have thought why I am not doing it in Tamil. How many of you think that you can earn a decent living by studying just your mother tongue? You could well argue that English is an international language, but have you ever wondered why Japanese, Germans, Koreans, now even Chinese have a comfortable living by studying their native language? Why have we sold our self? Why don’t we have basic infrastructure to make our human resource worth as much as other developed nations?


Bribes, bribes, bribes, I am fed up of it. I don’t claim i am clean, but what I say is we are drinking sewage so much that we are showing symptoms of un-treatable typhoid and it will spoil our nation for the rest of worlds existence.

I truly don’t know what to do. One of the congress guys who were in it is my best friend. I am quiet shattered. If you are at Sithalapakkam and are going to vote at the counselors election please either don’t vote for DMK, Congress, as they have directly bribed people here. If possible vote for 49-0.

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