Will be just happy to have one friend

08 Oct

The Movie Thalapathy draws its story from Mahabarath

Some people on my favorite social network Diaspora are complaining that the contacts count is missing, it could be a bug that would be rectified, but I feel not having friend count is a good thing. Ever since facebook and twitter were launched people went crazy about how much friends they can gather. The more friends one has the more social one thinks he or she is. What a pity. But what one does not know is how lucky one is if he or she has just one true friend.

Friendship is a term that really abused. A person who escorts you to a bar or pub or party or hotel or game .. blah blah becomes your friend. A person who speaks 1 or 2 soothing words becomes your friend. A person who does business with you becomes your friend, the person you say hello once in a while is your friend. Pathetic.

To say the truth, I don’t really know what true friendship is, as I am true friend to none. But I would like to have a friend just like one thats depicted in Mahabharth between Duruyodhanan and Karnan, their friendship is epic and possibly cannot be surpassed by any human, possibly because its a myth imagined by the wonderful author.

Rather than to claim numbers, I would be considered extremely fortunate if I can be and if I have one true friend. Friend I say, not a contact.

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