Mad Jayalalitha is set to destroy Asia’s largest library

04 Nov

Anna Centenary Library

Well. What a poll dancer and a part time prostitute know really about books and virtue of knowledge? Unfortunately not that much. Thats what the chief minister of Tamilnadu Ms.Jaya is telling all of us.

Closing of Anna Centenary Library, which is by far the largest in Asia and which has 1.2 million books and can accommodate more is rather a dumb decision. In my earlier blog, I have refereed Jayalalitha as mad women, some have reacted to it angrily, but I truly wonder if they are people of knowledge what will they do now?

This act of closing this excellent library is a politically motivated vengeance. Jaya does not like Karunanidhi, their enmity has deep personal roots, but I don’t think that should be used to close a library that does good for the public.

Opening a pediatric center is a good thing, but at the cost of a library? No I truly don’t think so thats the right way. There could be a pediatric center set up in some nearby area that does the same purpose. Chennai hasn’t got that much libraries. Those that are there are in a pathetic state, under staffed and under funded. Connemera library is maintained OK (yet it lacks many things), but Chennai has expanded, so there is a need for library in other side of Chennai and DMK regime gave it, and they gave it in a big way. I wonder why any one who is sane would wish to close it?

This is not the first time Jaya is tampering with our knowledge infrastructure. She tried to destroy uniform syllabus in schools just because it was implemented by DMK regime. I wonder what she has against our children becoming knowledgeable?

Seeing the corruption of DMK, we voted Jayalaitha into power. She promised that she will learn from her mistakes, but all she is capable of doing is ignoring voices of I.A.S, ministers and fellow party men and using her evil mind to take vengeance on one time friend Karunanidhi. And in that process hurting Tamilians. This idiotic clay brained women ha not learned any thing we tried to teach her, and it would be better if she is removed from power than let this jerk ruin our land for another 4 years.

All she is capable of doing well is to goto her luxury bungalow in Kodanadu and get drunk, so lets remove her and teach a lesson!


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5 responses to “Mad Jayalalitha is set to destroy Asia’s largest library

  1. vinoth

    November 6, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    dude wat ur workz are execellen… my full support for u. go ahead

  2. zacand

    November 7, 2011 at 10:34 PM

    hi karthick, i am a new blogger in here, i just googled to know the Asia’s largest library, and one of the link directed me here…..

    I totally agree that the very purpose of we voting for a change has turned over to ourselves, don’t you think saying a Chief minister a mad woman, prostitute etc… does question your very values you have and the principles of yours..??

    I support a very diplomatic and a peaceful fight against the scholar shift which she is planning.. shouldn we get united in a healthy way to fight this???? what do you say?????

  3. test

    November 21, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    some things change , some things can be changes , evil minds and ego oriented ppl never change

  4. ABC( a girl)

    November 23, 2011 at 12:10 AM

    My full support for you.. always this mad lady doing like this only. Very selfish lady. She will never change. 1st i will blame the people who voted for her. because of that we are suffering a lot now.
    she is torturing us. . i think she is a psych. don’t know what will happen at what time. i think till 5years we should suffer.
    1st Secretariat building next uniform syllabus,Anna Centenary library and now at last she started to get income from milk and bus fare also. within 6 months this much happened. don’t know what she is thinking in her mind.
    some people says that karunanidhi did corruption. who is not doing corruption nowadays. All politicians are doing. But Karunanidhi did more good things to the people. As u say the pillars will stand same for next five years in jayalalitha period. All things known to all people but after knowing also they are doing the same mistakes again and again.
    That lady will never change. till her death she will be like this only. she is not having family also and for whom she is saving the money??? God only knows..
    Milk also became a costliest thing in TN. What a pity!!!!!!
    If this government changes before five years i will be the 1st person to thank god.. we should celebrate that day as diwali…

  5. Poppy

    February 27, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    Yes what you mentioned is absolutely right. She is totally mad. No one should support her at any cost. Now Tamil Nadu is suffering a lot because of this devil. But still people are calling her “Amma”. What a pity… Don’t know how we are going to live in her period? Low income and more expense…


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