How I.T companies trap you

09 Nov

So you are an engineer or a computer science graduate. Weather you really have brains or not you will have a desire to to get a fat pay and naturally fall into  the feet of companies that treat you as a resource rather than a human. The desire to have money weather you get it automatically ( probably to get a good girl friend ) or induced by others like family or similar guys getting a job is your first fall. As this stage an irrational urgency may set in to earn, you are ready to get your first job with fat salary some how, and don’t care about what documents they throw at you to sign.

So stumbling here, there you some how get a job, your details are noted and you being seduced by glass, concrete, air-conditioned and zero power failure buildings. You give all your details to your human resource department and thats it, you have the second fall, you are almost at point of no return now unless you are too smart.

The details that are to be safe and confidential is marketed to companies that sell say Aviva Life Insurance. Well just 5 minutes ago, Aviva life insurance agent (as I was keying this article) called me and asked weather I need a insurance. He rightly identified me as Karthikeyan who works in HCL. The irony is I worked in HCL 6 1/2 years ago! HCL H.R department must be smart enough to sell my number to these marketing people even now!!

No company will admit that its selling its employee details, but the truth is, it does. Another way to get your details is to mine your twitter, facebook, orkut and other social network pages (have you ever guessed why there are unknown people as your friends in these networks?). We so want to share our details so so  much that we don’t seem to care enough about our security.

So if you are a guy, girls with seducing voices and if you are a sinbad (single, income, no boy friend, and desperate) girl, a guy with handsome voice will speak to you and will (if you are not smart) sell credit card, loan, insurance, tar to you. You are dead now. Money from your bank accounts will directly go to theirs and effectively your salary will be reduced though your payslip shows the same number.

You have fallen, you cannot leave your job (unless you are certain about another one waiting for you) or switch domains, cannot stop saying ‘yes boss’ to save your dignity. You are bloody trapped and can not skip your job, take leave for two months and in the third seek another employment.

So how is jail, my dear friends?

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Posted by on November 9, 2011 in Electronic Freedom, Personal


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