Wikipedia is not Begging on Internet

24 Nov

A post on Diaspora shocked me ( ) . This post claimed that Jimmy Whales / others in Wikipedia were begging on the Internet. I strongly disapprove and wish the person who has posted this remove it a once.

Whats begging?

Begging is asking for something without doing any credible work. You can’t say  a labor strike begging. Neither can you say you bargaining to ge paid more for your work as begging. Wikipedia has done and is doing a great service to humanity. It has managed to collect vast amount o knowledge and is made it available for free for the world to see.

Wikipedia has a strong policy  of not to seek funding from corporate or putting advertisements in its web page, all it can do to raise money is to ask public to fund its noble operations and that’s what its doing now.

I am really baffled and shocked if any one calls this begging. If Mother Teresa knocks at ones door and seeks money for caring destitute, will she be called beggar?  The Sun gives us light at no cost, the Earth gives us land to live, the water from sky pours down at no cost, plants produce food for free, animals grow their meat and hides without asking money, we use it, aren’t we beggars too? Or shood we be alled looters?

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Posted by on November 24, 2011 in Electronic Freedom, Philosophy


One response to “Wikipedia is not Begging on Internet

  1. Hrishi

    November 24, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    Thanks for this post… me too was thinking to write something like this about this matter… well said.


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