Kudankulam won’t burst that easily

03 Dec

When it was started, Kudankulam reactor was hailed as an achievement, but now people are up against it. They have got a point. Fukushima reactor went pop and entire settlements have to evacuated and it must be repaired and damages evened before life could proceed. If relatively uncorrupted Japan could become helpless, imagine what will be plight of Indians if one of the reactor’s burst here?

My heart is for nuclear technology, I love it and I feel every nation on this planet must master it and gain from it, but in a corrupt nation like India it could become a disaster if the reactor pops.

But todays nuclear reactor technology has advanced so much that reactor bursting off is like a person getting struck by a lightning thrice. Lot of brains, planning, multi level security systems are in place that will prevent the reactor going all out pop.

If you are a smoker living Kudankulam, you have more probability of dieing by cancer due to smoking than due to radiation or the reactor bursting. But still one won’t quit smoking, do they?

More life’s are shattered in this nation by blind faith and religions than nuclear reactors and science. But this does not stop one worshiping God!?

The protests by Kudankulam is all panic. The same kind of panic that made humans think snakes are evil. And political parties who have almost no brains about how nuclear technology work support them to get some mileage.

This is Tamilnadu, not West Bengal where projects gets jeopardized (by politicians like Mamata Banerjee) thus ruining state and others. Lets show the nation who we are and save the investment this nation has made trusting us.

Even if by due to some improbability if that reactor bursts, lets lay down our life’s as Tamilians for our motherland, like we have been doing for centuries.


Posted by on December 3, 2011 in Politics, Technology


2 responses to “Kudankulam won’t burst that easily

  1. Tamil

    March 1, 2012 at 9:05 AM

    sorry i wont agree your point.If your heart cry for the nuclear energy go and drink from kalpakkam.But we cry for our life.We are not fighting for our luxury but to protect the land and genertaion.Yes as you mentioned we know that the nuc energy is uavoidable in this 21 centuray.But our major concern is the worst government desaster managemnt plan.Do you know how correpted they are?They eat the money that send for the tsunami victimms.They left anderson to live safety in america after causing the popular bobal disaster.The total insurance for this koodankulam nuc reactor 500c.None of the insurance companies never cover nuclear facilities.
    you are talking about preventive measures but we are worrying about mittigation measures.

    • karthikeyanblogs

      March 1, 2012 at 10:24 AM

      OK Sir,

      My native is Kalpakkam. I visit there regularly, I drink there, I eat there and I sleep there. Kalpakkam was built on lands donated by my ancestors. There are no health problems there and it was even hit by the Tsunami where many scientists died, but it was all safe. People are catching fish there and there is no problem in it.

      I wonder why Kudankulam residents have to panic so much? It will be better if you fear getting killed in a road accident or being struck by lightning. They kill more people than nuclear reactors. I support fully the governments decision to crush these stupid protests.


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