Unimaginably stupid Indian Internet censorship

06 Dec

Couldn’t believe what the Information Technology minister Kapil Sibal was saying on news channel minutes ago. He was talking about censoring facebook, twitter, google and blah ….

He was saying that people are posting anti religious statements and it hurts others. So in other words if I post a blog saying man came from monkeys and did not pop out of garden of Eden, and if it hurts some one, then I have to take off my blog.

I can’t quiet imagine a educated man like Kapil Sibal saying such impossibly stupid things. All Internet portals that lets you share information also let you to ignore others. I wonder why can’t people just ignore things rather than want to kill it? Internet censorship will surely push back the progress of human race (at-least the Indian race), and we after another 1000 years will be thinking that Jesus and Prophet Muhammad truly saw God and not as patients of brain disorder, and other nations would have surged ahead of us in science and technology.

Its pathetic how much Indian politicians are dependent on religious support to win their polls. I thinks the best minds should move out of this country and seek lands where there is freedom.

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Posted by on December 6, 2011 in Electronic Freedom, Politics


One response to “Unimaginably stupid Indian Internet censorship

  1. MilindL

    January 28, 2012 at 12:45 PM

    It’s so pathetic morally, and (as with most laws) very easy to circumvent( Also, this impeded upon our rights 😦


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