Congresses excellent record of Aam aadmi upliftment

08 Dec

Stunning Sonia 😉 Is her heart is as pure as her looks?

Its unquestionably true that congress has excellent record of uplifting the aam aadmi (common man). Every body must agree with it. And the congressmen wish to do their service to them until their last breadth. Its quiet unimaginable the faith that congress people have on the common man.

In congress record there is only one family that gets the aam aami status, its a family named Gandhi’s which is now headed by Sonia Gandhi.

Recently I was shocked to read in papers that Google has reported that the Congress government has issued one of the highest censoring request, most of which concerning Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. The question is why they asked to censor? What are those contents? And why Indians should not know about peoples views about their leader no matter how good or bad it is?

Why the congress government want to keep us in the dark? We have licked the shoes of the Gandhi’s since the rule of Indra Gandhi, why we must must keep doing it? Are they gods? Whats the difference between Thailand and India? In Thailand all content against the stupid monarchy are censored, in India all negative content about Gandhi’s are censored. Could we call ourself civilized and democratic any more?

This is a pure betrayal that the congress party has unleashed upon as because they don’t want their gods to be defamed by democracy and free speech. Its a pure betrayal to Tamilians too. We Tamilians have voted the Gandhi’s to power even though we knew that Rajiv sent his troops to kill our brothers and rape our sisters, male thousands of kids orphans in Srilanka, and we Tamilians are proud of it! We are also proud of killing our mother language and embracing Hindhi and English. Yet the congress wants us to do more. Why?

If you make a child study, feed poor, do social service it goes unnoticed. but if some one from that blue blood goes into  a hut, there is media, news, debate on how he future prime minister should be, and how he is the only god who can uplift us all.

All I want is my fellow citizens to think. Why are the Gandhi’s and the Congress censoring the internet? If they have truly done nothing wrong why are the afraid of free and hate speech?

Think people think. There is something brewing. If we miss the chance now, we can never become free humans again.


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4 responses to “Congresses excellent record of Aam aadmi upliftment

  1. Vinay V

    December 8, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Well, I do agree with some points of this post.. I firmly believe that we should not have dynasty politics. The Gandhi’s are not gods and certainly not the only leaders. The current congress govt is one of the most corrupt one.. etc..
    But I do see some inconsistencies in your arguments..

    1. The picture in the beginning is not of Sonia Gandhi.. The picture is of american actress Reese Witherspoon (

    2. Not all Indians voted for Sonia Gandhi or even congress.. True a large majority did (which is why they came to power). But certainly Thamilians did not vote for congress or Sonia. How can you say Thamilians are betrayed by congress? Thamil people have been voting only for DMK or AIADMK.. It is only either of these parties that get elected (be it assembly or parliament elections). And both these parties are ready to have alliances with any party in the Centre. DMK has contested against congress before. Yet, they do not hesitate to join hands with Congress. Even if they have differences with congress, they don’t pull their support.. AIADMK has joined hands with both BJP and Congress in the past. From what I see, both DMK and AIADMK join hands with anyone at power in the centre for their benefit.. So, if somebody has betrayed you (Thamilians), it is either DMK or AIADMK, not congress..

    3. Rajiv Gandhi sent troops to help our neighbours – Sri Lankans.. Our soldiers did not rape any women there (atleast there has been no reports of that). You should be more careful when placing such HUGE blame on INDIAN ARMY.. You might think that Thamilians in Sri Lanka are your brothers and sisters. But the fact is, that they are in a different nation. They are not Indians. They are involved in some internal conflict with their local government. The Indian government only helped a friendly neighbour to eradicate terrorrism (Yes, LTTE is a well recognized terrorist outfit in the world). Our army was there helping a friendly neighbour eradicate terrorism and you brand us Indians (people from our army) as murderers and rapists? Are you out of your mind?

    4. You speak of killing your mother tongue and embracing “Hindhi” and English. Well, it is literally your choice. No one forced you to give up Thamil or speak only hindi/english. Certainly not any Gandhi or congress..

    • karthikeyanblogs

      December 8, 2011 at 3:43 PM

      1. Oops that not Sonia! Oh nooo! Any way she luks great!!

      2. OK I agree we Tamilians are part of India where there is no Congress or Central rule. We are autonomous. Sorry. I never realized we are an autonomous state till I saw your comment! And hence I agree we have never ever been betrayed by Congress :-p

      3. OK Sir, what if I say I herd first hand account of a Srilankan boy from Vavunya who studied under me. He was in tears and his voice chocked and was almost unable to speak when asked about IPKF role. He refereed to them as turban men (possibly the Sikh regiment) who thought Srilankan Army how to psychologically target Tamil families. Their technique, rape women, hang their raped bodies naked in public places, cut their Brest and put it in display. Possibly you will be so pacified if women in your family are raped and you have no evidence of it. Great keep it up.

      I don’t know weather i will meet that good lad again. If I do I will show your comment and tell him to speak to you directly.

      The Srilankan Tamils are not Indians, yes, but they are my blood, they are my people. They are Tamils.

      4. Yes we are proud of choosing to killing our mother tongue. Hope this will make you happy. And its entirely our choice that our railway stations, airports, bank notes we use has Hindi upon it. If else we will immolate ourself. :-p

  2. Vinay V

    December 9, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    2. I NEVER stated that Tamil Nadu is an autonomous state. All I mentioned was that most Thamilians never voted for congress party (or sonia gandhi). Your post seemed directed entirely at Congress and Sonia. But tell me how many MLA or MP seats has been won by congress in TN? From what I have seen TN elections are dominated either by DMK or AIADMK. And both the parties are willing to join hands with anyone in power.. So, you people did not directly vote congress to power.. DMK/AIADMK can choose to (or choose not to) oppose congress policies or leadership of Gandhis.

    3. There is no need for personal attacks. I did not post any personal derogatory remarks about you or anyone else. So, please refrain from that.. That aside, there may have been unlawful and non-humanitarian things that have happened in SriLanka. That does not mean all of those were committed by Indian soldiers. We should not brand our own army men, Indians, as rapists and murderers. The “turban men” referred by the boy MAY NOT be our Sikh regiment. I will not accept that our soldiers are such heinous people without any evidence. We should have faith in our brothers (i.e., Indians) that they will not do such acts.. And in the extreme case that some soldiers did do such inhumane act, the whole of Indian army or all Indians are not to be blamed. I am sure our government did not give orders to soldiers to commit such inhumane things.. Again, I re-iterate that our soldiers were only helping neighbours to eliminate terrorism.

    4. Railway stations and airports do have boards in local languages apart from hindi and english. In my city, they do. Bank notes also have denomination written in local language – 15 local languages to be exact. (Mine is 4th).. I am sure it is written in Thamil too.. Please examine a note first.. And if you want all bank notes to be completely in Thamil only with no english or hindi, then that is a cry for autonomy. How can you be a part of India, if you want only a local language (and not our national language) to be printed on all notes? Also, people from different (diverse) parts of India will come to TN for various reasons. They need to understand and communicate with everyone there. Hence the boards in Railway stations and airports are in hindi/english apart from local language. Understand that.
    You don’t have to kill your mother tongue or immolate yourself. Having only Thamil language in boards at railway station, airport and in bank notes will not uplift your language. That will only make you narrow minded and keep away all non-Thamil speaking/reading people from visiting TN.
    Recognizing other languages and co-existing with them is diversity. That is not a sign of killing our own language. There are a hundred/thousand other ways to uplift your language and improve its heritage.

    • karthikeyanblogs

      December 16, 2011 at 7:38 AM

      Without voting how can we have governments? Are we ruled by Kings and Queens?


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