KFC and Ponnusamy

16 Dec


Some weeks ago I refused to my friends request to have meet in KFC, the reason I saw no value in it. KFC is a cool place to hangout, it has good ambiance, looks clean, a notice in it says any one can tour its kitchen and it food tastes OK, until…..

The other day I was with my friend, we were hungry and in Mylapore and we went into Ponnusamy hotel, the hotel looked extremely simple, we ordered meals and when I stared to eat it, my God! I couldn’t stop myself gobbling that food. Its chicken and fish gravy was electrifying. Side dish prawns were excellent. This made my mind roll.

KFC is all about marketing and cosmetic. The food there tastes quiet bland, and if you set foot once inside Ponnusamy, you will never ever think of going to KFC. The term ‘finger licking good’ and ‘licknomics’ will be better for Ponnusamy than KFC. Even KFC’s spicy chicken is totally bland compared to Ponnusamy’s dishes.

The only thing I like in KFC are its crushers, apart from that Ponnusamy is the hotel to go if you want real food. Else if you are person who emphasize on the talking point, saying to people ‘I was in KFC last week’ or want to impress your girl showing your spending power, KFC is the place.

The bottom line is eat and lick your fingers in Ponnusamy and show off wealth in KFC.

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