Is college Education really necessary for I.T workers?

17 Dec


As time passes, I realize the fact that people who have passed out of higher secondary school are more disciplined, have the ability to learn and are more socially well behaved than people who have passed out of colleges.

Two things happen in colleges. A student studying in a college is funded mostly by his or her parents, or by some organization that provides near free money, this easy money and freedom are supposed to crate a creative human, but one many turn on to the dark force of socializing, smoke, drugs and drinks. What was once a good and disciplined pass out will turn to pleasure craving and self centered human. The other type of humans go on to use this easy money to gain knowledge. Those kind of people are welcomed by the industry but they are of very rare breed.

I might be hiring in near future for my company Mind As Lab, I want to hire higher secondary pass-outs instead of college graduates. Discipline them on technology and make them good working force, rather than trusting those corrupted by evils of society in their college life.

Practically I have found out Higher secondary students accomplish more when trained right than college graduates who are doped by desire.

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Posted by on December 17, 2011 in Education, Technology, Web Tech


One response to “Is college Education really necessary for I.T workers?

  1. saqlain7

    May 4, 2012 at 1:13 AM

    Really true, its not only because of the reasons what you have posted above but there are very many reasons.

    Anyhow the blog is so true.


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