Terrible ITEL roads

22 Dec

Chennai Pothole

Chennai’s roads are terrible. No matter who becomes the mayor, the person considers wellness of his Swiss bank accounts than the people who he promised for. For those Chennaites who were used to these roads came some blessing. A company called ITEL ( I.T express way limited or some thing like that) built toll roads tat were maintained properly.

Yesterday I wanted to goto ECR and took the ITEL toll road from Perumbakkam, the transit was costly about Rs 19 one way and Rs 35 up and down. though this company plundered my wealth promising smooth ride, while traveling on roads I was really dismayed. The road had really deep potholes, my car almost flew in air twice and I had difficult time in controlling it to avoid hitting something.

Other parts of the road had minor bumps and speed could not be gained and I had to travel really slow. If it is Chennai corporations roads, its OK, as every one in it is corrupt and never ever think about people. We get new roads only if some politician is about to visit that area, but the corruption within private company ITEL seem to be equal to that of the government.

One thing about these roads is some software companies cannot be accessed without going via these deadly bumpy roads. Wonder what could be done? ITEL has become a company that just exploits car owners hoping they will remain quiet no matter how bad the roads are.

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Posted by on December 22, 2011 in Personal, Politics


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