Sleep more to save planet

01 Jan


Man is a idiotic creature. He invents and let those inventions rule him mercilessly destroying his peace and harmony and even drives himself to death. Some of his inventions are time, clock, measures like length that determines which countries border is where, God (which split my country into three), and many others.

Businesses in their urge to make more and more money have always pushed harder and has made ourself subdue to money. (Money) What should ease barter trade is now driving us crazy. We work more, stay long hours awake in a desire to have more money.

On the other end we have the global warming thats putting weathers and climates off track, catching us off guard, rising our food prices, travel expenses, stripping people of their lands and blah blah. This global warming is caused mainly due to us using electricity, traveling or doing something similar.

Its quiet clear to me a sleeping human consumes less energy than when he is awake. An awake could be reading this blog, costing electricity to run his reader/ laptop/ desktop, costs the servers electricity and networks energy to transmit the data to him.

Consider the situation where all in this planet, 6 billion plus, sleep an hour extra every day. This can be done if your boss wishes to have a peg less of vodka from bar tonight. Thats it. Say on an average a person saves 10 watt-hour of energy every day by sleeping an hour extra, that times 6 billion would be 60 billion watt hour, or 60 million units of electricity! Saved every day!!! Thats huge. Its like shutting down many coal power plants for ever.

If we humans decide to become less lazy, ignoring the mindless need to seek for money, ignore to be at the top of the charts, and let ourself take rest  and control our greed, possibly we might be able to gain more health and definitely save this planet.


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One response to “Sleep more to save planet


    January 2, 2012 at 11:15 AM

    I really like your message. Good Article on global warming !!!


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