Little walks can save your life

07 Jan


So you are a relatively high paid white collar employee working in your cubicle. Certainly you must have heard stories that some one young related to your job died all of a sudden due to heart attack.

Your bloody boss expects you to work, 12, 13, 14, and if you are fool enough upto 16 hours a day. You be seated all day and thats the comfortable position for you.

While you sit and work busily your body is not stagnant, it works and cholesterol in your blood gets deposited in places like your leg and it grows and grows. One day it gets detached and moves freely in your blood stream as a lump until it blocks your heart. The next thing your name circulates in emails as a guy / girl who had died young and sudden. This is called deep vein thrombosis.

Humans are creatures who wandered in vast amount of land, tracking and killing animals, we were adapted for that for more than 2 million years, suddenly this body that needs to be a nomad is jailed in a place. Definitely there is a good chance to falter.

How to avoid this? The best chance is to walk. Be at your cubicle for 20 minutes, work, and in next 20 minutes take a walk around. Drink lot of water, keep your self hydrated. Next, consult your doctor, check out the cholesterol in your blood. If you have high amounts, change your life style by having more exercise. Don’t drink Pepsi / Coke or any other fancy branded sugar water mix. Eat healthy, no KFC / Mc.Donald’s (it saves money too). Cut down on non-vegetarian, spare yourself from curses of animals.

Possibly you won’t die soon if you follow the above. And learn to disobey your boss, he won’t pay you when your soul is in heaven or hell. If you want a job that pays you when you are in hell join Al-Quaida!

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