When worker’s rights are ignored

12 Jan


India is a country that provides very large work force to the global markets, yet it has no system in place where workers can get their rights and justice quickly and effectively.

I knew that workers were mistreated first when I worked in HCL Technologies in Ambattur, near Celebrity fashion. I was put under a guy called Mr.Joseph Ashok Alponse, he was a good guy yet lazy I suppose. He threw me into a wild project without giving a hint. I have to  manage a super computer that stimulates cars and I had no head or tail info what to do, except for 1000’s of pages of random documentation. My project leader ignored me until a day came, he walked in and asked me a question, I answered it, yet he said I knew nothing in a tone that indicated that I am a total waste.

I was shocked to the core. I loved HCL because it gave me employment, but this kind of treatment shook me. I couldn’t sleep properly for a week and wanted to quit. Social pressures kept me in HCL for a while more, from that day on I realized, even if your honest, work right and love your company, it will do nothing but try to extract money from your work and throw you out like a strained sugarcane.

The next incident was in a company called Trend Electric and its software division Nanomidware. I was project manager and had a good relationship with my workers, but my boss Mr. Damodaran called me and told me not to mingle with them and gave indirect instructions to exploit them. I ignored and got a bad name for doing so. But in the process of manging a work force I learned how to insulate them from idiotic and money hungry management.

I noted down the mistakes, started my own company Mind As Lab. Gathered people close to me. There was no salary we shared revenue and losses, hence only the best came forward to join our clan. We discussed issues as a team, every one knew everyones happiness and problems. Some months we struck bumper profits which we used to smoothen out lean months. Food, drinks, life style, and love for free software united us. All went well till the day I want to start a product based company.

I started a resume website funded by a girl who is going get married into a cop’s family. All looked find when we talked of funding, but in reality we just received one month of funds in first two months and it stopped. The reason, she was not happy with me feeding programmers with briyani! I could not bear the foolishness and stupidity of the girl and did welcome her drifting away from me, until a day she emailed me saying that she is going to marry the son of Inspector General (I.G) and she will arrest me if I don’t give her money back. The foolishness and lack of ability for her to plan, execute and understand truth still makes me laugh.

A very recent incident happened with a company called synapses solutions. They commissioned me to make a  cheap website and I came up with a design. Then they said they want a different website altogether and we designed that too, and then they wanted modifications, and we worked day and night and completed it. The billing came upto Rs 50,000+ and i reduced to Rs 39,000+ as they promised me to bring more work from United States. When they saw the bill they said they were disappointed and were ready to pay only Rs 5000 to Rs 8000.

It was outrageous reduction and I kicked them out and asked them to roll back the design which they fortunately did. Their website now operates with a Rs 4000 design from another developer. They wouldn’t consider my bill even if I say how much my employees have put effort to create their website.

I really don’t know what to say. Huge part of the world seem to ignore the plight and effort of knowledge workers for unknown reason. I only wish they have brains to know how much it costs to think and execute it.

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