Failing AIADMK administration in Chennai

21 Jan

Saidai Duraisamy

This is the first time AIADMK is ruling Chennai at the Mayor level and frankly Saidai Duraisamy’s administration sucks. The first issue is the power problem. When DMK was in power, Vijayakanth called Arcot Veerasamy as minvettu Veerasamy(which Veerasamy richly deserved for his failed power policy), now Chennai’s power supply is no way improving and none knows who the power minister is. Vijayakanth like a coward now is strangely silent.

Roads are vital for every city, they are as vital as veins in our body. Try driving from Ambattur to Kelambakkam via Chennai and you will encounter at-least 1000 potholes and at least 10 roads where the metal layer is completely absent. The only roads that good are those one in which Jayalalitha’s convoy frequently travels.

Chennai was and is ill prepared for floods. Thankfully cyclone Thane missed us, but the rains its clouds brought totally swamped  the city and Chennai had no answer.

Garbage collection is worst even in the prime areas of the city. The other day I was driving through Adyar boat club and found overflowing garbage bins. Boat Club is a prime VIP area and even it is unattended.

Saidai Duraisamy stormed into the position of Mayor promising this and that, but most of them is going void. Its not just enough to have a highly censored facebok account, one has to do work. Its work and honesy that we citizens of Chennai expect rather than posturing.


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2 responses to “Failing AIADMK administration in Chennai

  1. Ranu Verma

    March 21, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Hi Karthikeyan, i liked this topic on the road conditions in Chennai.
    Want to add one more point to it about politicians flags and photos on the sides of roads when they visit anyplace. Yesterday and today the Maduravoyal road I saw is full of our chief minister’s photos and flags.
    I don’t understand when they say they don’t have money for the state welfare and they increase price for each and everything. But they don’t see how money is getting waste for flags. if road is little fine they will dig holes for the flags thereby leaving nothing good for travelling on the highway roads and making travelling worse for common man…

  2. tamilkannan(atlanta)

    March 30, 2012 at 8:16 PM

    you are seeing ugly bins over flowing with garbage?
    idea !

    construct a enclouser to prevent your eyes seeing it!!!!!

    what an idea sirji


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