Its more Insurance than Marriage

23 Jan

insurance policy

My friends regularly bug me to get married and when ever they did, I just try something to look for a girl and then give up (frankly its bloody boring, and people who do it definitely did not try Linux or appreciate briyani). The last time they bugged, I googled for “family girls” and got all porn links. The links were quiet good any way, I marvel at the technology brilliance that these porn site have put in to get them to the top!

Well this time I searched through the paper THE HINDU and was quiet dismayed. Much of the advertisement by girls said they looked for men, thats good but it was clear they were more keen on money the men earned than the person itself. Similarly  advertisements by men seeking women said that how much they earned and where they worked and what countries they had lived. It looked like advertisements for attracting prostitutes than good girls. In a similar fashion girls did put up ads like they were prostitutes! these people seem to be more worried about their future than to marry some one they like.

Another standard thing I noticed is caste and linguistic separation of ads, and thats rubbish too! What difference a girl from Tamilnadu has from that one coming from Bangladesh? Both serve the purpose 😉 .

I have always held a view that a man seeking dowry is a shame for man-hood and is prostitute himself, and now I am quiet convinced most women who get married are prostitutes too as they seek the man’s wealth, status, blah blah. The only difference from professional prostitute is, a professionally does this stuff with many, these thing do it with one guy or girl and boast about their culture.

One has to listen to ones heart, one must wish to get married rather than to seek insurance in life. I am quiet sure men and women don’t like to get married like this. I know it from my girl friends, they were just interested in me, it did not bother them weather I walked on Moon or Mars, neither I did care a lot about who they are what they did. We just had fun and were interested in cracking jokes and  living life.

This seeking for a girl thing in a professional way sucks. Literally.

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