Discrimination in Chennai

27 Jan




Chennai is supposed to a modern city, a city where everyone should be equal. There are many places in Tamilnadu where there is discrimination in very irrational way. But what I encountered in Chennai was shocking. I never anticipated it.

The first and most shocking one was when I was waiting outside my Doctor’s clinic in Sithalapakkam, when its administrator came upto me and told me go in and see the doctor, I said there are patients before me, he without hesitation said ‘they are ordinary people you can visit the doctor as soon as you arrive’. I was so embarrassed as he said this in a way all can hear it. I thought of walking off to home, but that would mean an insult to the administrator, I did not know what to do and I almost started to sweat. Then gathering my nerves I said I will wait, and finally went in when my turn came.

The above incident was not the first, one of my friend, much younger than me was asking me about who I was going to marry, I said any one I like, he asked back weather I liked any of my relatives or people in my caste, I said no and I added that religion is not the thing I see in people. He then said: no matter what, people of other castes and religion won’t let me marry their girls. These words shocked me. I would have given a reply, but with such hard-core idiot before me who was speaking in sadist tone, I decided not to speak.

The third one happened when I was discussing with another friend about dress codes they have imposed in software firms. I was simply unable to grasp how coding could be affected by the dress you wear unless its a medieval knights iron armour. Then my friend said ‘its not good for girls to wear t-shirt and jeans’. “What?!” my brains exclaimed. Any way this one too was younger than me.

Girl wearing t-shirts and jeans look really cool to me, can’t really figure out whats in my friends mind!

I had the idea that as generation progressed, people will become more liberal, let people have more fun and freedom, conquer this planet by doing good deeds than by unleashing violence. But … What to say.

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