Got initial funding for Raklist Classifieds

27 Jan

Raklist Logo

I am quiet happy to get the initial seed funding for raklist , the seed just tried out the website and was impressed about it. He seems to be a person who will listen to developers and not impose their stupid financial and business ideology and spoil the product.

I wish things would not be messed up like postnplace, in it I was granted money by an investor, the funding was shaky from start, then it stopped in two months without almost no reason, then the reason emerged that me giving treats for my developers is the thing they hated, then when things became hopeless they hired family members of a top cop and threatened me to put me in jail. This time I seem to have got someone who knows about software. He clearly tried the product and asked many questions before investing and he is a person of good repute.

Raklist is now on a Beta-2 feature freeze, we have developed many things quickly, now we must improve things like speed, reduce code and make it more understandable, get more people to use it, see if we can catch bugs, automate tests and blah blah. Once all is OK we can put it into alpha load test it, and release as a product.

I wish raklist will bring good things to Indian classified industry and would help put consumer at top and make other ad websites play fairly. Many websites hide buyer and seller details and try to make money out of it, raklist will correct that. They offer complex forms to be filled for advertisement, well raklist was modeled after studying human brain, and hence will be more easy to use.

With things going well, all I desire now is to have a good lunch now.

I wish you to tryout raklist by going to and give your suggestions about it.

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Posted by on January 27, 2012 in Raklist, Web Tech


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